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to process

the ocean of documents & data.

The AI-Powered

Document Intelligence Solution


It's not just about keyword-search.

Ai-Knowie is an Enterprise Document Intelligence that ingests a high volume of your documents & data in various formats and makes your search journey much more agile with content enrichment.

Leveraging the power of AI, Ai-Knowie combines extraction, search, analytics to bring in multiple dimensions of data sources and presents the most relevant knowledge and insights for better decision making and improve business processes.

Comprehensive access to sources of data & information

Boost search speed and precision significantly 

Gain insights & knowledge-based recommendations

Information-driven decision making


See how we helped our client improve their document review and processing 

3 Stages to digital transform the way you deal with documents & data

Keep up with the pace to stay competitive and become a leader in the digital era


Every business has a unique mix of documents & data. Ai-Knowie is capable of indexing a variety of data sources in order to provide the user with the best set of search results.

Cover various sorts of formats including PDFs, emails, images, handwritten texts and Microsoft Office files

Extract and parse documents and data through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) *Capable of extracting Chinese and English handwritten texts

Transform your documents & data with Ai-Knowie


An effective enterprise search is no longer just keyword-based – Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning are the key to the next generation of cognitive search.

Understand, recognize, cluster and classify data via Natural Language Processing (NLP) and integrated AI

Turn documents and data into contextual content to improve search precision and speed


Search journey and efforts are unified into one comprehensive and speedy search experience. Combining with automation, productivity and competence are boosted to the max.

Find relevant content from a mix of structured and unstructured documents and data at digital speed and scale

Automate repetitive business processes with captured and organized data to enhance employee productivity


Ai-Knowie Key Features

Speed up and expand your access to archived documents & data

Named Entity Recognition (NER)

Use NLP to add a wealth of semantic knowledge to digitalized content for better search experience. Digitalized contents are recognized by pre-defined categories like “individuals”, “companies”, “dates”, etc.

Data Labelling

Leverage machine learning algorithms to find similarities (Clustering) and differences (Classification) in a set of documents or data. This prevents watered-down search results and improve search accuracy and speed.

Machine Learning

Ai-Knowie can be customized to learn and understand different types of documents. By integrating machine learning, it can present you with insights and recommendations after analyzing large amounts of your documents.

Attribute and Clause Extraction

Identifying and extracting types of clauses, key phrases and specific attributes from a multitude of data and documents sharpens the queries for a more efficient search experience.


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