Accelerating Loan Assessment & Approval Process for Banking & Financial Services

The Business Need

MoneySQ, a financial service company offering person loan and SME financing products, continues to grow and to receive customer requests for new online lending experience. Facing the fiercely competitive market, leveraging technology to maintain a satisfying customer services has become an important competitive factor for MoneySQ to deliver improved financial services. 

Our Solution & Successful Outcome

To cope with the high volume of lending application documents, we partnered with Microsoft to implement Ai-Knowie, the enterprise document intelligence solution, for MoneySQ in order to enhance and speed up their online lending experience.

By creating this AI-infused document intelligence solution on Azure, Ai-Knowie understands, analyzes documents and generates knowledge about customers’ loan applications at a large scale with the use of AI technologies like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for both Chinese and English printed or handwritten texts, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP), etc. - boosting operational agility, unlocking insights, automating risk scoring predictions, and many more. 

Get Started Today

Let Ai-Knowie take away the tedium and bring you useful knowledge and insights!  

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