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The AI-Powered Intelligent Document Ingestion Solution

Automate the extraction of key data from a range of various documents

The traditional way to capture and process information is undoubtedly labor-intensive and time-consuming. To streamline these repetitive processes, Ai-Knowie Lite is pre-trained on an array of documents and data to extract and populate specific information automatically at digital speed and on a large scale. If there is any missing data or discrepancies spotted by Ai-Knowie Lite, your team members will be notified for further investigation.

Data captured can be delivered in any required format that suits your need - we can then proceed to execute your competitive data and automation strategies. 


Why Brands Like It

Ai-Knowie Lite has been demonstrating its significant benefits in various forward-looking companies


Faster time-to-value to gain benefits from automation in 2 weeks at maximum

Deployment completes within 1-2 weeks


Easy integration to your existing system

Engine is pre-trained on specific documents so no further training is required


Higher business efficiency with this pre-built workflow automation

Increase speed & efficiency by quickly extracting data you need from large volumes of documents.

Enhance customer experience with reduced turnaround time from days to minutes.


Huge reduction in human intervention and elimination of human errors

Improve accuracy with reliable and constant extraction by the engine


Free up capacity of your workforce to focus on more valuable, complex and creative tasks


Document types that

Ai-Knowie Lite can handle

ID Authentication

  • Hong Kong Identity Card

  • Macau Resident Identity Card

  • People's Republic of China Resident Identity Card

  • Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents

Address Verification

  • Bank statements

  • Utility documents including gas/ electric/ water bills

  • Tax bills


Plans & Pricing for Ai-Knowie Lite


for organizations to experience Ai-Knowie Lite


100 Documents


for organizations to start automating data extraction with Ai-Knowie Lite


5000 Documents


for organizations need to extract data from more than 5000 documents

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