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Customer Stories

Explore our use cases to explore how we can streamline various business processes with automation

Invoice Processing Automation

Invoice Processing Automation

Automating invoice handling to achieve operational efficiency


Retail, Manufacturing

Lending Experience Acceleration

Lending Experience Acceleration

Data ingestion and analysis for faster lending experience


Banking, Financial Services

We bring customers to achieve automation performance goals

We transform and strengthen business processes with the 3-step approach.

To capture specific information from documents, Ai-Knowie digitizes documents and learns to extract data like your employees but at digital speed with eliminated human errors. 


Powered by machine learning technologies, Ai-Knowie understands and turns data into contextual content. With a series of validation rules and AI techniques, data is classified for cognitive processing.


With the data extracted efficiently, a wide range of technologies, like automation or data analytics, can be applied for process optimization and better productivity. 


Customer Story

Learn how financial institutions better customer journey with 60% shorter turnaround time

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